Our Story

Hi, I am Shelley a mother of two, to a beautiful daughter Eve and a gorgeous son Sebastian. Not forgetting my amazing adopted standard poodle Jess who completes the family. I am a full time mummy and now business owner of Vinscents which I work around my busy home life. I first started my journey for Vinscents Home Fragrances in 2017.
I decided to change my career when pregnant with my son and sadly lost Daniella, one of my dearest friends. She was following her singing dream working in Dubai when she sadly passed. Always pushing me to leave my job to do something that made me happy, I decided to start with luxury candles in her memory which has now extended to a variety of products.
Daniella was a beautiful and extremely talented dear friend, who we miss so much. The Northern Star is a prominent symbol within the Vinscents brand as this is what she was to all who knew her throughout friendships, family, life and her singing career. She has been the inspiration and reason behind the entire process of Vincents products and I really hope you all like them as much as I do.

Shelley x