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Cheetah Duo Gift Set
Cheetah Duo Gift Set
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Cheetah Duo Gift Set

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Spoil someone with our fabulous candle and reed diffuser gift set. These products add plenty of style and certainly bring the wow factor to any space. This comes in a white magnetic gift box and bag ready for you to gift that someone special.

Weight: 700g



  • Place the reed sticks in the oil, let them sit for one hour and then flip them
  • Place away from direct sunlight and direct heat – don’t place them over radiators or fires
  • Position in small rooms like a bathroom, bedroom, office or high traffic areas such as an entrance
  • Replace reeds every 2 to 3 months or when they become clogged with dust



  • Trim your wick to 5mm every time before you light your candle
  • To prevent tunneling, please make sure the entire top layer of wax reaches the edges of the container on the first burn
  • If the candle glass becomes blackened whilst burning, extinguish the candle, allow it to cool, and wipe with a dry paper towel
  • If the flame becomes too large, extinguish the candle and trim the wick before you relight the candle
  • Never let your candle burn completely. Always leave ½ inch of wax at the bottom of the container
  • Burn for no longer than 4 hours at a time
  • Never leave candles burning unattended or lit near draughts, open windows, air vents or fans